Clinical Assets
Otlertuzumab is a humanized anti-CD37 fusion protein, based on our ADAPTIR™ (Modular Protein Technology) platform, for potential treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.   LEARN MORE


Preclinical Assets
We have candidates from our ADAPTIR and MVAtor™ (Modified Vaccinia Ankara Vector) platform technologies. All of our candidates have in vitro data, and most have in vivo data and manufacturing proof of concept. 


LEARN MORE ABOUT ADAPTIR preclinical candidates
LEARN MORE ABOUT MVAtor preclinical candidates

We actively seek to acquire or license marketed products to grow our business and to establish a commercial presence in specialty markets. We seek:

• Approved specialty pharma products
• Currently procured biodefense products or product candidates with a high likelihood of procurement
• Biodefense products with government funded development


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Emergent actively partners with experienced R&D companies that align with our strategic objectives and complement our core capabilities.
Emergent works with partners to:

• Find potential value beyond basic contract arrangements;
• Design relationships that incentivize innovative thinking; and
• Improve the efficiency of the partnership's operations.


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